• Salty Suites Sep 2017
    Salty Suites Sep 2017

The Salty Suites, September 30


The Salty Suites had our jaws dropping with their truly unique original songs, masterful and extraordinary musicianship, exquisite harmonies and lead vocals. They gave of their hearts and souls and were generous with their time, giving their ALL to the audience and the night. The turn-out was beyond belief! I'd say they blew the roof off but there wasn't a roof. As usual we were outside under the twinkling stars among the flowers and trees. If there IS a man in the moon, he was pleasantly awakened and singing along. It was an amazing and magical night! Thank you to all those who attended and THANK YOU SALTY SUITES for making my dream come true!

The Salty Suites are:

Chuck Hailes  aka "Chuckles" - vocals, stand up bass
Scott Gates  aka  "Puddin'" -  vocals, mandolin
Chelsea Williams  aka  "Moneybags"  aka  "C. Hezzle"  aka  "Chleslie - We like bourbon and kisses" - vocals, guitar

Slushbox, May 20

Wow!  Another blast of a wonderfully exciting, meaningful and inspiring concert/event by Slushbox!  They seem to embody creativity itself by producing an abundant harvest of experiential delights combining their unique, fresh and dynamic life affirming music with visual and performance art along with empowering and transformative rituals. We set our intentions and “Burst Out” into the best and even truer versions of ourselves!  Slushbox dovetailed their talents with other members of the Cultural Alliance of Long Beach to create this magical happening! Just AMAZING!

Slushbox is:

Sharon Giarratano "Sharondipity Gazz" - vocals, bass
Mark Wheeler - vocals, guitar
Terry Frost -  drums

  • Slushbox May 2017
    Slushbox May 2017

Photos: Jo Hanna Hernandez


Slushbox: October 1

Wow! What an AMAZING event with SLUSHBOX in their "Dropping Leaves" Autumn release and renewal concert at Green Bough Gardens! We danced to their energizing, uplifting and inspiring music. We took our leaves of unwanted thoughts and beliefs and BURNED THEM UP! We opened to our truest, greatest selves. We had FUN! It was a joyful and meaningful night. Thank you SLUSHBOX, the Cultural Alliance of Long Beach and everyone else involved in making this night happen. It was MAGIC! And thanks Jo Hanna Hernandez for the great pictures

Referred to as “quirk-a-delic” and “eco-sonic”, this empowerment rock band flaunts their brand color, green, while delivering a grand green-schemed gush of messages and points of view to inspire human potential and celebrate natural phenomenons.

Sharon Giarratano "Sharondipity Gazz" - vocals, bass
Mark Wheeler - vocals, guitar
Terry Frost -  drums

For more information about Slushbox, click here.

Carrie & Graham: September 24

carrie-graham-concert-gbMy son Graham and I (Carrie) and friends performed a benefit concert for the Selective Mutism Association on September 24th, 2016. Ah...music, potluck food and friends. What could be better?

To learn about Selective Mutism click here.

L to R: Lance Lockwood, Melissa Robin,
Carrie Higgins, Graham Haack and Shelley Wilson-Abrams

Melissa Robin sings celestial harmonies.

Chuck Alvarez & Friends: August 6

South Bay’s own singer/songwriter and awesome guitarist Chuck Alvarez wowed the listeners in the beautiful outdoor “Paradise Room” on a lovely August evening here at Green Bough Gardens!   He was joined by his talented friends John Balesteri on bass and vocals, and Vince Denham on sax which made it all the more special. What a wonderful time we all had and we look forward to bringing them back!

(For more information on Chuck Alvarez click here)